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About Celestial Marbles

Providing top quality marbles to builders and architects used in luxurious houses.


Top Quality Marbles

About Celestial Marbles Company

Celestial is the story of a Pakistan marble company rooted in the province of Balochistan, which is renowned across the world for its superior and celestial quality of marble. The extraction of top-quality marbles coupled with the reliability and know-how of a staff with 20 years of experience and ready to meet the requirements of the most coveted design projects, make Celestial a solid reference point and one of the most important Pakistani marble companies, both nationally and internationally. We truly believe that our marble coming out of Pakistan, specifically Balochistan lives up to the name of “Celestial”, i.e., Supremely good.

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We are a one-stop station for your marble and granite needs. Celestial Marble mission statement is to offer large quantities of natural stone in Pakistan and ensure superior quality at the best price. We keep your needs and requirements at the heart of our production.

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We purchase marbles and granite at the very source and ensuring that you get the most superior products at the best prices.